Caersalem is a community of people searching, exploring and worshiping Jesus together. In response to this we care for each other and endeavour to serve the wider community in Caernarfon.

Caernarfon is very much a Welsh speaking town, 86% of the town’s population are Welsh speakers and the percentage amongst the teenage age group is 98%! Naturally therefore the Church’s primary language is Welsh. But we do have some non-Welsh speakers who join us from time to time so we have translation services to English available on request in our main Sunday meetings. Generic sildenafil

So even if you don’t speak the language of heaven you are warmly welcomed to join us on Sunday in our 10am service.

To know, worship and follow Jesus and making him known

This is the phrase that sums up what is important to us based on our understanding of the great story of the Bible: We are people who want to “know, worship and follow Jesus and making him known.”

Knowing Jesus
We don’t think believe in a distant god who lives on the clouds, but rather we believe that God the Father has come to us in his son, Jesus Christ. Because of that we can know God. Often this world and our lives are in a mess, therefore we need to turn to and know Jesus, because he brings hope to all situations. We want to help people get to know Jesus for the first time and help each other to know Jesus better.

Worshiping Jesus
We believe that God has created us to be worshipers. Although singing together on Sundays is an important part of worship, there is much more than that to worship as well. We believe that everything can be done as worship to God – from caring for our family, to working hard at work to even washing the dishes! Thinking about our life as one great opportunity to worship gives special value and dignity to everyone’s life.

Following Jesus
Many people know of Jesus, but Jesus calls us to follow him in the power of his spirit, The Holy Spirit. We are people who believe in Jesus, but with his help we also try to follow him as part of God’s family, The Church. We ask for his help for us to love and serve people as Jesus has loved us.

Making Jesus known
We all have personal faith, but Jesus’ followers can never keep their faith private. We love sharing the good news about Jesus with people by telling people about him and trying to live how he lived as we have the opportunity of giving people a taste of the new heaven and the new earth that is coming.



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